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Kids facility

Kids facility   Kids facility   Kids facility
Our kids’ clubs are all about action, activity and adventure. With treasure hunts, games console championships, pyjama parties, arts and crafts, sports and more, your kids will be entertained and busy every day.

Our Kids’ Clubs create safe, happy spaces for children to make new friends, learn new skills and most importantly, to play. Our sign in/sign out policy and mobile phone provided to crèche parents ensure your children’s safety at all times. We want you to feel as relaxed and carefree as your kids. It’s just one of the reasons families holiday with us .

Young children can make friends and enjoy creative activities from story time and singing to treasure hunts and arts and crafts. Our Reps ensure that all kids join in the fun and games together at our free LittleStars Club.

Let’s start with the sporty stuff. There’s archery, snorkeling, raft building, canoeing, fencing and cheerleading. Or you can get creative with movie and music making, DJ- , graffiti designing and Scrap Heap Challenge. There’s also in2action trainee instructor courses and remote controlled helicopters and boats. And we do the plain bonkers, too, with Water-Walkers – human hamster balls for rolling about on the water.

Mini Disco with our animation team and DJ starting from 8:30 PM every night .
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